Emma Baumann


Hello all! My name is Emma Baumann. I have a burning passion for architecture and design! It is my dream to become an architect! Particularly a minimalist / modern enthusiast architect. I love the outdoors and the flexibility of design, and modern style houses blend the two perfectly. As you will see in the featured projects I am also a fan of small scaled, minimalist living. I don't believe that you need a big house or even a lot of money to be happy. However, the role of an architect is to serve the clients, and the clients have a much better idea of what will make them happy than an architect does. And you will see an example of this in the RA House, a house I designed for two of my friends. I sat down and listened to their wants and needs and turned them into a home that took their breath away. Just ask them! This was the first project I did for a client and I must say, the looks on their faces when I showed it to them was enough to make me fall in love with the profession! At the moment, however, I have devoted my time to 3D rendering and interior design, which have both become passions as well. They are also my tools to help clients and myself fully visualize the project. An invaluable step, in my opinion, during the design process.